Struggling to keep your Digital Product team on track?

BTNG academy is here to help! Our Design Thinking courses will give you and your team the tools you need to create roadmaps, determine metrics and make decisions backed up by UX research.

How we can help you

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Learn how to use Design Thinking to convince, sell, and motivate people

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Gain access to exclusive tools, templates and other reseources

Certification Diploma

Receive multiple Design Thinking Certifications

As if managing multiple stakeholders are your only challenge...

Different stakeholders abide to different succes metrics

The lack of documentation is quite confronting when onboarding new people

Your plans often have to change because of priorities coming from elsewehere

A one-time workshop or off-site event don’t bring the changes your team need

The current initiatives don’t align with the product vision or goals

The most important projects don’t get the time and attention they deserve

Work on what's important without feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there. You'll be able to see measurable progress towards your goals.

Benefit from the learnings of +15 years of experience

We understand your challenges because we have faced them before. We worked in-house on the client side of projects, at agencies and as freelancers. We have worked for start-ups and large corporates.

With our experience, we feel confident saying:
All these companies face similar challenges.

Applying the techniques, we teach in the BTNG academy, we've created a clear and focused working process. Allowing teams to work customer-centric and deliver the impact they need.

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