The Design Thinking Coach

Learn the mechanics of Design Thinking, gain confidence and achieve results.

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Learn the mechanics and
gain confidence

Learn the mechanics of Design Thinking and gain confidence in your skills

Personal guidance backed by
+15 years of experience

Personal guidance backed up by +15 years of design experience

Fight your specific challenges in a
private, safe environment.

Fight your specific challenges in a private, safe environment.

Why six months of personal coaching is the right way for you to master Design Thinking

Six highly personalized sessions specific to your needs and challenges

More than a pre-defined program simply going through the videos

You need a a safe and secure environment to work on your skills and confidence

Only learning the theory doesn’t give you the confidence to lead a project

As a leader or influencer you need to understand how it benefits your team

Invest time, energy and focus into tackeling real challenges

Do you want to adopt Design Thinking and create a customer-centric environment? What’s stopping you?

Benefit from the learnings of +15 years of experience

When you work as a freelance UX Designer you get to see a place or two in your career. If you’ve been working for over 15 years, you’ve seen a few more. Agencies, Product companies, Start-ups, Corporates. You name it. All these companies face their own challenges on implementing a customer-centric culture. But besides the organisation, what about you? How are you able to motivate, inspire and influence people within your company?

We’ll share our experience in six personalized sessions to help you get to where you need to be.

Enroll in Program for €977

Trusted to contribute to Customer Centricity by leading companies

Learn how to do User Interviews with confidence

Learning the mechanics of Design Thinking is one thing, but having the confidence to succeed is another.

The number one thing aspiring Innovators struggle with is the confidence to lead a team with confidence. And unfortunately, it's something that, if missing, can completely end your customer-centric innitiatives before you even begin.

These six personal, tailor-made sessions will teach you all the tactics, tips and tricks I've learned over the last 15 years running innovation projects of all sizes. I'll share everything from how I present with confidence, convince my stakeholders and run the high-level workshops such as Design Sprints or UX Research projects.

Over the coarse of six months, we will have 6 one-hour sessions in which we will decide on your goals, challenges and growth you require, to successfully help your team become truly customer-centric.

Enroll in Program for €977