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Fintech companies are succeeding where traditional financial services have failed

Within the next 3-5 years, cumulative investment in Financial Technology globally are estimated to well exceed $150bn.
The financial industry has been plagued with sluggish processes for years. Increasing overhead and leaving little- to no space for digital innovation. Only to leave room for non-traditional companies to leave their footprint in their industry. Fintech will change the world.

Facts & Figures



believe that part of their business is at risk of being lost to stand-alone FinTech companies.

73% Cost Reduction

Fintech is slashing costs and improves customer retention with 57%

300% Growth since 2010

Fintech activity within capital markets infrastructure has grown by almost 300% since 2010

Keep it simple and less is more

Avoid information overload. It is tempting as a Financial
Services to present an overkill of information. Know thy users.

Understand what it is that they are trying to achieve and facilitate just that. Make sure to start with a blank slate. A Customer Value Proposition is a fantastic workshop that will help you to prioritize the most valuable features.

Our mission is to make your user’s experience the
cornerstone of your success.