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Remaining competitive in the Transport & Logistics industry

While being confronted with digital transformation, new, unexpected competitors, and changing customer expectations, the Transport & Logistics industry is undergoing rapid evolution. Here we share our strategic insights.
What is the best way to get from A to B? Considering methods of transportation but combine them with route and time optimization. Making sure you keep in mind a long term strategy, will force you to adopt the chance which is needed to ensure the safety of our future.

Facts & Figures


US$139,6 billion

The total transaction value in 2019 increased by 19% compared with 2018 and was the highest value recorded since 2015.

6% of global economic activity

At about 6% of global economic activity (GDP), transportation’s core sectors add up to a remarkably efficient industry, because transportation is a vital service to nearly every other sector of the economy.
Plunkett Research

52% of total deal volume of the year

Driven by the Logistics and Passenger Ground categories.

Customer demand more from the
Transport & Logistics industry

A highly competitive environment combined with customers’ high-cost sensitivity has pushed forward the development of technology that will help the industry deliver on these demands. Combined, these trends mandate the immediate adoption of these new technologies by last-mile players. The growing importance of technology in the last-mile industry will affect the overall ecosystem, including its competitive dynamics and the distribution of value across industry players.

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