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I truly believe a brief 15-minute call could provide valuable insights into elevating your digital products to their full potential.

A quick assessment of your current digital experiences.

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How BTNG Unlimited's flexible subscription seamlessly fits into your workflow, enhancing your product with minimal effort on your part.

Who is this guy?

Philip Wallage, and I’d love to hear you pronounce that.

Father, husband, brother, son, creative nerd. I know a lot about very little.
Specialized in business, creativity and overall a friendly happy little joker.

Two Decades of experience

From building my own Webdesign Company, to being a Freelancer around Amsterdam. From founding my studio to facilitating workshops.

Certified Design Sprint Facilitator

With little over 15 Design Sprints under my belt, I can only say that this was by far my biggest inspiration towards Productization.
iPhone mockup

Global top-3% freelancer

According to the good ol’ people at Toptal, I can proudly name myself to be amongst the top-3% of the Global Freelance pool!

Official Miro Expert

Maybe I love workshops a bit too much. So much, I became an expert at them. Yes. Expert sticky note person of the year. Also good with timers.

Results are all that matter

The only way a Subscription model works, if the people I work with are happy.
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