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Like having a star designer on your team — without the superstar salary.

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Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project 1
Construction Project for the Portfolio 4
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project 5
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project 3
Construction Project for the Portfolio 1
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project 7
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project 6
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Construction Project for the Portfolio 3
Construction Project for the Portfolio 5
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Portfolio Project Online Pharmacy 1
Portfolio Gym Landingpage Project
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Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project Widgets
Portfolio Project Online Pharmacy 3
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project Sitemap
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio ProjectMenu
Webshop Ecommerce Portfolio Project Widgets
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My work has contributed to the success of the following companies

I believe in transforming challenges into opportunities. That's why BTNG Unlimited harnesses top-tier UX design to turn any company’s potential into performance.

With just a subscription, unlock continuous innovation and see real growth—no full-time hires needed.

Philip smiling at his coffee machine drinking an espresso.

Hire a full-time employee?

Good luck finding a good one. When you do, they'll need a few weeks to get settled in. After that, you're stuck with them.

Do you really want a full-time employee with a flexible workload on payroll?

No bueno!

Faster than an agency

Hire a Freelancer?*

In the Netherlands, a market-conform freelancers bills around €18.000 a month.

* Plus, who knows when they're available again.

66% cheaper

Work with an agency?

Think Agency projects take weeks?
Try months!

3.5x faster
Cheaper than hiring a freelancer
The Solution

A Design Subscription so good, you'll never look back

With a flat monthly fee, you'll enjoy consistent and outstanding digital design that outshine costly agencies and unreliable freelancers.

That clean Figma file which is your source of truth when it comes to design.Philip pointing towards the related text.A screenshot of Figma showing a wonderful consistent Design System.
Seamless Collaboration via Trello

Streamline your Design Process

Harness the power of Trello for streamlined design requests and feedback. A collaborative, transparent platform that simplifies every step of the design process.

Unlimited access control at no extra cost.

Archive of all design projects with clickable Figma links.

Simplified feedback and approval process for quick turnaround.

An example Trello board. Easy to work with.
Design on your terms

Flexibility at the Core of your Subscription

Embrace the unparalleled flexibility of a design subscription. Start today and see your first deliverable in just 2 business days. Plus, pause or cancel anytime with my Happiness Guarantee.

Rapid kickoff with deliverables ready in 2 business days.

Freedom to pause, cancel, and even receive refunds for unused time.

Happiness Guarantee for peace of mind and satisfaction.

Philip pointing towards the related text.
Your unified design language

Figma: Where ideas meet execution

Dive into the world of Figma for an interactive design experience. Perfect for developers, featuring cohesive Design Systems for consistent digital branding.

Direct integration with development tools for seamless handoffs.

Access to a shared Design System, ensuring visual consistency across projects.

Engage with live prototypes for immediate feedback and iteration.

A screenshot of Figma showing a wonderful consistent Design System.

What I'd love to help you with

With over two decades of experience bringing customer centricity to some of the worlds biggest names, here are some examples of our expertise.

UX Design

Understand your users, design new user-friendly solutions based on validate new ideas.

Digital Design

I've created entire Design Systems, designed marketing websites, applications and mobile apps.

Marketing Material

Social Posts, Ads, Pitch Decks, Social media graphics, Brand Guidelines and many more,


Let me review your digital products and discover new opportunities to improve the UX of your product.

You'll be in great company

For over 20 years, my work has contributed to the success of start-ups, corporates and everything in between.


Choose a plan that's right for you

Will you provide the work or need some support?

One request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.
Pause or cancel anytime
Average 48 hour delivery
Bring your team with you
Unlimited brands
Webflow development
Unlimited stock photos
Get started
Includes a weekly meeting and project management.
Everything in Self-Managed
Weekly 1-hour meeting
Support in strategy on execution
Assistance with task management
Get started
Happiness Guarantee

Your grin from ear to ear is my ultimate mission.

I’m committed 100%, no if's, no but's, and certainly no maybe's. If there’s a hiccup along the way, consider me your go-to fixer-upper. Need to take another swing at it? I’m your man.

Thinking about a refund? You’ll have it, no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's see if I can answer your questions.
Why not just hire a full-time designer?
Hiring a full-time designer can be costly, over €70,000 a year! Plus, you might not always have enough work for them. Your monthly plan lets you pay only when you need design work, saving you money and hassle.
Is there a limit to how many requests I can make?
No limits here! You can send in as many design requests as you need. The flexible subscription means you get design help whenever you need it, without extra costs.
How quickly will I get my designs?
Most designs are ready in just two days! More complex requests might take a bit longer, but I always work fast to get you what you need.
Who will be designing my projects?
Your work will be executed by me: Philip Wallage. A senior UX Designer with two decades' worth of experience.
How does pausing my subscription work?
If you don't need designs or research for a while, just pause your subscription. You won't lose any days – if you pause after 21 days, you'll still have 10 days left to use anytime late
What design tools do you use?
I use Figma for your designs, ensuring high-quality and modern design work.
How do I request work?
Requesting designs is easy! You can use Trello, share Google docs, wireframes, or even send me a Loom video. If it can be shared in Trello, I can work with it.
What if I'm not happy with the results?
No problem at all! I'll keep working until you're completely satisfied.
Are there any types of work you don't do?
I focus on UX work and digital design. I don't do 3D modeling, animated GIFs, packaging, extensive print design.
What if I only have one design request?
Just one request is fine! You can pause your subscription after it's done and come back when you have more design needs. Your subscription won't go to waste.
Can I get a refund if I don't like the service?
Check out my Happiness Guarantee.