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Philip Wallage
Creative Director at BTNG.studio

BTNG is one of the leading Design Thinking studios in the industry. We've been doing this for a while now and we've never faced the same challenge twice. So at the start of every project, our biggest weapons are a blank page, an open mind and a bring-it-on attitude. Although our hand-picked super-star team works remotely, you'll never feel distanced from the project. We'll share all our findings and our infectious energy to make sure we all stay driving towards the same goal.So. Here are five reasons why BTNG is the right SaaS partner for you!‍

1. We can be supplier or partner

We are open to any relationship. And yes, that sounds worse than we mean. We want you to have the best relationship with us. That's why, from day one of your collaboration, we want to figure out what works for you!

Although our hand-picked super-star team works remotely, you'll never feel distanced from the project.

2. Human-Centric Design Thinking: Aligning Business Goals & User Needs

BTNG is built on top of three pillars: Facilitation, Research & Design. Our core business is delivering Design Thinking services to create one thing, and one thing only: Digital Solutions that people actually need and want.

When creating a new SaaS product, these are the main ingredients for succes.

3. Independent design-only partner

Design Only? Yes! We don't develop React, Vue, Ruby on Rails or anything like that. So if you prefer working with your in-house development or your favorite development agency, that's fine with us!

PS: Okay, we're pretty great at creating websites (such as this one) on Webflow - A no-code platform. But for our clients, we only use this to create landing pages to validate new ideas. Schedule a call if you'd like to hear more about this.

4. Over 15 years of experience

BTNG was founded by Philip Wallage. A designer with UX Design roots. He's helped organizations in the likes of ADIDAS, PHILIPS, PWC, Vodafone and many others to reach their goals and solve their challenges.

Now, he's gathered an amazing team of Designers, Facilitators and Researchers to help you succeed (and to get the chance to collaborate with amazing people, creating amazing experiences).

5. Certified Design Thinking & Design Sprint Facilitators

If you say Design Sprints, it's hard not to mention Jake Knapp and AJ&Smart. They've crafted an amazing Design Sprint Masterclass which we as BTNG fully endorse.

So within our ranks, you'll find Facilitators who are Scrum Certified Product Owners, Certified Design Sprint Facilitators or completed amazing studies in Design Thinking, UX Management and Leadership and User Research.

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