Why UX Design Is a Must-Have For Your Organization

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Philip Wallage
Creative Director at BTNG.studio

UX design is a must-have for any organization. It has been seen as an integral part of the process and needs to be considered early on in your business's development. When UX design is done correctly, it can increase conversions by up to 400%. In this article, we will discuss how UX design can improve your company and why you should hire BTNG Design Team today!

What is UX Design and how does it work?

UX design is the process of creating a user experience for your digital product. No matter if it's a website or mobile app, portal or display.

So what do we mean with user experience? User experience is the feeling of a person interacting with your digital product. And guess what? Since most of our interactions with organizations are digital, how important is the UX of a digital product or service?

User experience is the feeling of a person interacting with your digital product.

Why UX Design is important?

Having an amazing User Experience is very important because it influences the way a person feels about your product. It makes them enjoy using it and want to come back for more.

If we're talking about websites, visitors will spend longer on pages if they find that UX design pleasant. They'll be inclined to explore different parts of the site as well which will increase the conversion rate.

Imagine walking into a store finding exactly everything you need, in the right order. Imagine taking care of a problem you were dreading and actually found it incredibly easy. Would you recommend them to a friend?

What's the difference between UI & UX?

A quite common (and understandable) question is about UI and UX. The way we explain it is that UI is what we see. The buttons, the page layout etc. UX on the other hand means going beyond appearances to consider how something functions, feels and works for a user in their daily life.

In terms of software usability, when UX design (user experience) fails it's usually because they didn't take into account what some users actually needed.

How to implement a successful UX Design process in your organization?

The BTNG Design Team exists from both Visual Designers, Service Designers, UX Designers and an Interaction Designer. We're always making sure the user's experience is what we base our decisions on. This means starting with user research before creating the user interface design. We then test the visual design with our usability testing, powered by our BTNG Research Team.

In order to implement a successful UX design process in your organization, there are a number of things that you need to take into account.

The first thing is making sure the user research is done correctly and it's not just one person speaking for all the users, but rather conducting group interviews on people who have different needs or work in different professions. You also want to make sure your team

If you're looking for a UX Design Process which works for your organization, the BTNG Design Team would love to have a conversation with you!

No UX without user research from our BTNG UX Designers

Our UX Designers don't play around when it comes to UX Design. If we're not allowed to do any user research, we can't help you. It is the duty of a UX Designer to fight for what's right and our UX Designers really kick-ass.

The user's experience is researched through the entire user journey by at least one UX researcher. The UX Research Team also collects and analyses data from the field, interviews with UX designers or research findings.

The role of Visual Design and a UX Designer

Our Visual Designers are talented and they pride themselves on creating beautiful experiences that solve problems with high-quality, thoughtful visuals. The UI Design is a big part of the user experience.

We pride ourselves at BTNG for delivering amazing user centered design based on user data. Not one visual designer here at BTNG will start crafting beautiful pixels without doing their due diligence.

No matter if you're looking for UX Design, UX Designers, User Stories, Mobile Apps, Accessible Design, a UX Researcher or simply want our help running user tests, always feel free to reach out!

You can Schedule a Call to hear what we can do for you!

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