Why we decided to sell our Design Sprint Toolbox

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Philip Wallage
Creative Director at BTNG.studio

We're proud to have played a part in the Design Sprint movement, helping teams around the world move faster and ship better products. But we've decided to sell our Design Sprint Toolbox. Here's why.

Design Sprints & The BTNG Mission

We want to create a world in which every company truly is customer-centric. And so far, how we've done that is:

  1. Being hired by companies to help on a project
  2. Create our own products or services

But if we really want to fulfill our mission, we'll need to make sure more people are able to do what we do.

Design Sprint Challenges

Running a Design Sprint isn't easy. Just to name a few challenges:

  • You need to be able to sell the Design Sprint internally
  • You need a good facilitator
  • You need buy-in from higher-ups
  • You need the right team dynamics
  • The list goes on...

These challenges make it difficult for new Design Sprint teams to get started and be successful.

Introducing The BTNG Design Sprint Toolbox

After running Design Sprints for years, we feel confident to say that we've been streamlining the process with every Sprint we've done. And to make sure our Sprints run smoother and smoother every time we run them... We've created and updated our very own BTNG Design Sprint Toolbox.

In the toolbox, we've documented our most valuable templates, schedules, tools, emails and agendas.

Check out the BTNG Design Sprint Toolbox here.

What can you find in the BTNG Design Sprint Toolbox?

Since this is our first public version, we're actively looking for feedback on the contents of our Toolbox. If you feel anything is missing, clear or simply not-right, don't hesitate to reach out!

Resource: 01. Client Brief Intake Conversation

Before starting your Design Sprint, ensure you have everything you need with the script we use for our intake.

Resource: 02. BTNG Design Sprint Workshop Deck

The entire presentation deck we use during the Design Sprint. This will help you to keep the team focused and on track!

Resource: 03. Design Sprint Playbook

A step-by-step schedule for the entire Design Sprint. Since most exercises only take between 10-20minutes, this is quite the list!

Resource: 04. Pre-Sprint Client Form

Use the Pre-Sprint Client Intake Form when you're facilitating a remote Design Sprint. Gather the information you'll need from each participant.

Resource: 05. Materials Shopping List

A shopping list. Easily purchase what you need. You know what a shopping list is.

Resource: 06. Remote On-Boarding the Client

The most important email we send out before the Design Sprint starts. This explains to each participant what a Design Sprint is and what to expect.

Resource: 07. Technical On-boarding The Client

As you've realized by now, the key ingredient to facilitating a successful Design Sprint is good preparation. This email gets your clients up to speed with working remotely.

Resource: 08. User Tester Recruitment Guide

An excerpt from the Design Sprint Masterclass that helps you to identify and recruit the right type of test user.

Resource: 09 User Recruitment In-take Form

Every potential test user must fill out the form to ensure they're a good fit. You'll be able to view our forms in a document, Google Forms and Typeform.

Resource: 10. Explainer Email to Selected Tester User

A short email template you can send to selected test users.

Resource: 11. Design Sprint Outcome Report Template

This an extensive document you can use for creating your Sprint Outcome Reports. The final delivery of a Design Sprint.

What's next?

Well, we'd love to hear from you! If you're running Design Sprints, What are some of your go-to resources? What absolutely necessary tools do you need to run your sprint?

We want to make sure people have an easy-as-possible time facilitating their Sprint.

So how can we help you?

Want more?

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