Design Sprints


Design Sprints solve complex challenges in four-days time

We also teach Design Sprints to teams and agencies.

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* We’ll be open up two new client slots next month

We're proud and thankful to have contributed to the success of our clients

Swiftly validate new solution by powering-up your team

Big project staring you in the face? Don’t just start developing your idea. Let us help your team with ideas, a prototype and testing with real users. Giving you a glimpse in the future.

Energize your team

Everyone contributes their knowledge and expertise by creating their own solution.

Finding the answers you need

Together, we’ll create a prototype that gives you all the answers your looking for!

Fast-track innovation in your organization

The objective of a Design Sprint is to get concrete and measurable outcomes rapidly, allowing you to validate your concept, convince your investors, reduce risks, avoid developing unnecessary features, and maximize your return on investment.

Problem Framing and Produce solution

Understand the problem by interviewing an expert and individually produce a possible solution.

Vote + Decide and Storyboarding

Place your bets! Which idea has most potential and create a storyboard for the test.


Our expert designers will create a clickable prototype based on the storyboard. Yup, in one day!

Five User Tests

We’re putting the prototype in the hands of the right people. Five people who are the right type of stakeholders.

How we saved our client €2.800.000. Every year.

First we find a problem worth solving. Make sure we fully understand it. Come up with crazy-wild ideas. Try them out. Learn from it. #WIN

We talked to the right people

Meet the people who are vital to the understanding the problem: Those who experience them.

We facilitated space for the right ideas

Bring in a team that know your business and industry. Get a 360-bird's eye view that opens up ideation.

We found the answers

Our solution had multiple parts that combined would make a monster-saving. We determined there was low-hanging fruit that made sense to start with.

UX research represents the insights gathered from users and customers that are leveraged to help make product decisions at any stage of the development process.
Philip Wallage
Philip Wallage


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Download the Ultimate Guide to Design Thinking for free.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Design Thinking for free

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