How Might We's

What if you could ask your customers, "How might we?" and they'd tell you? I'm not talking about the question-asking that goes on during a focus group or survey. I mean actually asking them to help you solve problems in real-time.

How might we design this shopping experience to be more engaging for our customers? How might we make it easier for our customers to find what they're looking for? How might we create a better user experience across all of our apps?

It turns out, people have lots of ideas when given the opportunity.



Ideate on the right challenge with How Might We Questions

In How Might We's, we use our research to help you ideate on the right problems. "How Might We's" are not one-size-fits-all - they're tailored around your specific needs and goals, ensuring that a How Might We will work for you. To learn more about How Might We's contact us at BTNG!

How Might We's
1. Inspiration - how might we's can help generate new ideas

How Might We's are a great source of inspiration and insight into new ideas. How Might We's are a perfect way to spark your creativity and get you thinking outside of the box because they're not limited by traditional brainstorming constraints like time or space.

3. Collaboration- "How Might We's" allow for a group effort on any given project

We all know meetings that take forever. By empowering every team member with the power of "How Might We's" your team can come up with new ideas more efficiently. "How Might We's" promote collaboration by encouraging your team members to participate in the ideation process, which will help you work together as a group on any given project and solve problems faster.

2. Efficiency- how might we's can be used to save time and energy

By formulating How Might We's you'll save a bunch of time and money because "How Might We's" help you think about the problem in a different way. "How Might We's" are often shorter and more specific than traditional brainstorming sessions, which means they won't take up as much of your time or energy to come up with new ideas.

4. Innovation- the question, "How Might We" sparks creativity in an individual and their team members

The creative juices released by "How Might We's" spark innovation in an individual and their team members. "How Might We's" not only allow you to explore new ideas, but also promote innovation by breaking down barriers that are holding back your creativity.

Using How Might We to explore wild ideas

During our Design Thinking approach, we start by going broad. This means we want to gather as much information as possible. But even in the ideation phase, we want to always give room to explore wild ideas before diving into a particular solution.

How Might We is one of the best ways to do this.

This How Might We approach allows us to explore many different ideas without committing too early to a specific solution, which helps keep our creative process fresh and innovative.

Using How Might We for a Particular Solution

With Innovative thinking during the Design Thinking Process, we make sure the challenge is properly framed. In order to come up with an innovative solution to our design challenges, How Might We is a method that is used to come up with the right problem. How Might We helps us by providing an opportunity for creative exploration and new ideas, which can be applied as potential solutions to our design challenges.

The role of How Might We in Design Sprints and Design Thinking

You might have heard of How Might We through our Design Sprint product. But How Might we has a richer history. The technique was first introduced by Procter & Gamble in the 1970s and adopted by IDEO. The design tool has become popular in design thinking and is used by design teams worldwide. The technique is often used in the design community to build creative solutions that solve real user problems. Creating a How might-might-we (HMW) question can generate lots of creative ideas. Creating a 'How might we?' is a question that frame the problem for ideation.

Explore Innovative Thinking with BTNG

Insights suggest that coming up with hmw questions is a tricky process. HMW Questions are a great way to explore wild ideas and deep dive into solutions. They provide an innovative creative method for organisations that want to focus on the right problem. We're looking for new clients, so get in touch with us if you need help! Schedule your free phone consultation with one of BTNG's experts today.

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