Ideation Workshops

Do you want to increase your team’s creativity? Ideation workshops are a fun and energizing way to get the creative juices flowing. Ideation workshops are also known as brainstorming sessions, which involve group discussion and activities such as drawing or brainstorming that could generate new ideas.

The BTNG Ideation workshop is a unique service offered by our hand-picked team of experts who will help your team generate eureka moments through an amazing amount of high-quality ideas for any project or problem they have been tasked with solving! The Ideations Workshop can be customized according to your needs to accommodate a small team of 3-5 people up to 25 teams of 8 people.

Ideate & Prototype

Ideate & Prototype

Generate One-Day Eureka Moments with Ideation Workshops

Every product owner is looking for that one-day eureka moment when an idea just pops out of nowhere and changes everything. And while these moments are great, they aren't the norm. So how do you create more of them? How can you generate one-day eureka moments with your team?

Ideation Workshops
1. Set the mission

When performing an Ideation Workshop, we make sure that the team members are aware of the design process and user data but most importantly: Why we are doing an ideation workshop.

3. Get into the right headspace

Want more and better ideas? In order to generate as many ideas as possible, we explain to the team that it's all about quantity, not quality. This is such an essential concept to grasp in order to be able to generate as many ideas as possible. And don't worry, you will still find the good ones and learn what they are while generating them!

2. Create the right environment

With all our ideation sessions we make sure that that the team feels comfortable and safe. This might sound a little silly but it really is important. With a comfortable environment, the team will be encouraged to take risks and share their ideas without being intimidated or scared of judgmental feedback.

Set time constraints

Do you want one-day eureka moments? That means we have one day to deliver. We know that the ideation process is not very linear and it often takes many hours of brainstorming. So, we set a time constraint that doesn't allow you to spend more than four hours on one ideation workshop. This way, you will have plenty of ideas without going too far in any single direction or wasting resources.

What is ideation?

Ideation is the process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas. Ideation workshops are all about generating as many ideas as possible in a short period of time. They are fun and energetic exercises that challenge your team to adopt a design thinking mindset. A good ideation workshop is a combination of three things:

  • A good facilitator who will guide your team
  • An idea generator - which can be an object or process that expands the mind for more creativity, often with cards or word prompts
  • Validation and refinement techniques that prevent your ideas from getting stuck in the conceptual phase

After we have generated plenty of different initial concepts during your Ideation Workshop, it's up to you to decide which ones should be developed further.

When to do an Ideation Workshop

The right time to call BTNG to help you run an ideation Workshop is when you have a specific need in mind and want to generate new ideas to solve challenges. In Ideation Workshops, we help your team come up with different concept solutions for an existing problem or issue.

At BTNG we're big supporters (and fans) of OKR's. A modern way to set goals measured in results. Whenever you've (re-)adjusted your OKR's, we'd love to have a chat to figure out which challenges to solve.

Ideation Workshop: The Desert of the Unknown

How we structure an ideation session

Before we begin, we make sure that the right people are invited. We make sure not to include only people from your team but break down silos by including a healthy mix of talent and skills.

We make sure to include one of our top-notch Facilitators specialized in running a successful ideation workshop. During the ideation session, he or she will keep track of the time and schedule. All the innovative ideas created with insightful and dynamic thinking will be documented and shared.

We are a remote company and love working digitally. Our suitable location is Butter. A meeting tool that has an amazing integration with Miro. A digital whiteboard tool.

Ideation Workshop: Karate Brain

How BTNG helps you with a successful ideation workshop

Ever feel like you're in a creative rut? It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, there are many ways we can help your team get out of it and back on track. One option is an ideation workshop. These sessions involve group discussion and activities that could generate new ideas for projects or problems at hand.

Ideation workshops are also known as brainstorming sessions, which have been shown to increase creativity by up to 60%. BTNG has put together a team of experts who will offer their time and expertise to help you with any project or problem your company may be facing!

If this sounds appealing but overwhelming, contact our team today for more information about how they can help make your work life easier while

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