It's easy to guess who your customers are, but when you don't know for sure it can lead to some costly mistakes. Personas based on research and data provide a more accurate representation of your target audience, which in turn leads to better decisions throughout the customer journey. The key is knowing how and where to find the right information about what matters most to them.



Stop Guessing: Create Effective Personas With Research

Research-based personas are, as the name implies personas based on research data. Personas are incredibly valuable tools for companies as they represent the customer in a way that is more accurate and easier to understand.

Know who your customers are and what they want

Personas based on research and data lead to better decisions throughout the customer journey because they identify what matters most to customers, which in turn will lead you back down that long road toward success.

Understand why a certain decision was made

Sometimes we don't even know that the customer used our product in a different way than what was expected. Personas will help you identify where your customers are and how or why they make certain decisions.

Focus on the right customer needs instead of going with 'gut feeling'

While being sure you have amazing Gut Intuition™, personas will also show you what else is really going on with those customers. Personas will help identify the needs that matter most to your customer and which ones are just nice-to-haves.

Help your team speak the same language

It's time to wave farewell to Silo-thinking. Your customer experiences your product or service through their own journey. They don't start at the sales department, continue to the marketing lane while stopping at customer service. With user-based persona's all your teams are on the same page.

Creating personas for user research

BTNG assists organizations in adopting the Design Thinking methodology. With our assistance, we can help you with creating personas but prefer and advise you to create more than one persona. With the user data from real-life, qualitative research we will help you create personas that represent your target audience in the most accurate way.

Fictional personal details help the design team and other silos with a realistic character of a user group. Even with qualitative data from user interviews or quantitative data from real users,  personas are the most valuable when they represent an authentic user.

How we help you create personas

When we create user personas at BTNG, we make sure to have a good understanding of the strategic goals, the reason for the user research during the Discovery phase and analyze the data from that research.

Our user research focuses on the different needs and personality traits of each candidate. With this, we create a 2x2 matrix to also show the difference between stakeholders.

This matrix helps our clients to get a complete picture and select a primary persona to focus on. We try to only create the personas that are needed since too many personas only bring confusion.

At the end of the day, we don't only present the user persona but also the particular context of each one to the team members.

Using research-based personas during the Design Process

So we have these amazing (based on research data) user persona from real users. Great! How do we use them during the Design Process? Great question!

We need to first understand the research data and what it means for our product. Personas are not just a design tool but also an organizational way of thinking that assists in decision-making and planning.

The Design Process is all about understanding how different scenarios work, so we create persona profiles with goals, challenges, needs as well as personality traits.

Now let's say during your ux design you have to make some challenging decisions. Most designers need to have a good understanding of user behavior. A fictional persona isn't that helpful. With user personas (multiple personas) based on real data, ux designers gain key insights in the persona's perspective.

And that's the most important thing about a good persona. It's useful in such a way that the research phase delivered the tools to make great decisions.

Need help creating user personas?

Creating personas is an essential part of our process. After converting user research into Personas, we help our clients to ideate and validate new solutions. Business owners can stop guessing about their customers by learning who they are in order to create a more effective customer experience that will drive sales and grow the business.

If you're interested in learning how to use personas for your company or want some guidance on designing them, reach out! We love hearing from potential partners with any questions about design thinking or digital innovation. Schedule a free phone consultation today at BTNG and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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