Prototyping your ideas: Making them come alive

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We're proud and thankful to have contributed to the success of our clients

Prototypes are a crucial part of the design process, but what exactly are they? Prototypes can be different types depending on your needs: from paper prototypes to clickable wireframes. They help you validate your ideas and explore new possibilities. With BTNG, we will make sure that your prototype is done right and meets all our standards for quality!

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Very valuable and applicable insights into the practices of Design Sprints. Both regarding approach as well as tooling. Easily applied in hybrid work settings as well. Philip is an accomodating and easy going workshop facilitator with plenty of experience to draw from.

Anouka Slemmer

Consultant at ICATT

Philip worked on our UI/UX and CI for a very time-sensitive international project. Philip moved other projects around to meet our deadlines without compromising quality. Great experience working with Philip!

Joris van Grieken

Owner at Raw Juice / The Fresh Press

Philip is an expert in the design sprint facilitation domain. I have experienced his superpowers in design sessions for He triggers you with spot-on questions and brings his own UX and digital innovation knowledge to the table. I highly recommend working with Philip to boost your project and create business value for your customers and target audiences. Next to high-end work, he delivers his expertise with a big smile.

Stijn van Aert

Co-Founder Fring 🚀

BTNG has an amazing experience in both Qualitative- and Quantitative Research. This goes a lot further than simply asking the right questions to the right people. Being able to capture this and share these insights in a corporate environment has been a very powerful skill. Capturing customer experience in your UX research is just the first. But if you want to make it actionable... Make sure to reach out to BTNG!

Wouter Kleinsman

Personal Coach uitgelicht in De Ondernemer, Panorama, FHM, JAN Magazine, RTL en TEDx

Together with BTNG, we created a new customer proposition. The experience has been very constructive, focused and satisfactory. We chose BTNG because they are professional, quickly understood our challenges, and created a clear structure with their workshops.

Joop Uitendaal

Publishing Director Food & Hospitality portfolio at VMN Media

I have nothing but positive things to say about BTNG's approach. Everything went very smoothly, communication is good, deadlines and agreements are respected and they are always open to questions or new ideas. Hopefully this will also motivate other people who have an idea in their head and want to make it a reality.

Max Pappijn


BTNG knows how to convert complex issues into new ideas and solutions. Not only for our clients but also for our company. By doing so, we achieve better results.

Olav Wolters

Owner Succesfactor

BTNG recently completed a new UI design for my company. They were friendly, efficient and finished the project ahead of schedule. I wholeheartedly recommend BuitenAardig and look forward to hiring them for future projects!

Jeremy Day

President at Verendus Industries

The combination of visually appealing and great user experience is the norm in Philip's work. Philip is a team player and interacts accordingly with stakeholders. He is fast in delivery en very pleasant to work with. He also has experience in different types of development environments. He has great ambition and I expect nothing less than beautiful things from him in the future.

Amar Choenni

Manager Software & Head of UX at ORTEC

I had to chance to collaborate shortly with Phillip at FD Media and it was a pleasure. He is an experienced and professional UX designer, and at the same an enthusiastic, witty team player so a nice person to work with. We had quite a lot of design challenges on our plate. Philip had great ideas on how to improve certain areas that we haven’t even thought of. He took control of the design process to introduce a more structured approach and guided us in our first steps for Design Sprints. So if you need a UX designer for your team, Phillip is someone who I recommend.

Willem-Jan van den Bichelaer

Product Owner FD digital (a.i.)

With the help of BTNG, we've made tremendous steps forward with the look and feel of our product. Going through a Design Sprint with our users gave us the insight to understand what we needed to do and would deliver the most value. Customer satisfaction went through the roof!

Wouter Eijkelenkamp

CEO Dation

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Download the Ultimate Guide to Design Thinking for free.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Design Thinking for free

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