Remote Design Sprint

Remote Design Sprints: The most efficient process for digital innovation

Discover how the efficiency of a Remote Design Sprint is the key to accelerate your Digital Innovation!

Remote Design Sprint
The fastest and efficient way to grow your business

Efficiency is key. Lower your cost of operation and no longer waste money on overly expensive IT projects.

Reduce Carbon Footprint and unnecessary travel

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with working remote but still achieve that magic you get when working together.

Requires 2 days from your people before they can portal out

By solving challenges, innovating and creating amazing digital solutions, you’ll secure the safety of your future.

Super powers to find the most impactful solutions

We feel that the super powers of a Remote Design Sprint should only be used for good. And your most valuable challenges.

What is it?

Remote Design Sprints help your projects get cleared for take-off!

We’re extremists when it comes to efficiency. But also when it comes to learning and validating our ideas. That’s why we’re in love with our Design Sprint 2.0 process which only takes up a few days but delivers months of value.

Why now?

In challenging times, now more than ever, we need to stay innovative.

We help you to identify your companies challenges with a Lightning Decision Jam. We prioritize them to find which one when solved, would have the most significant impact on your business.

With a Remote Design Sprint: We’ll help you analyze this challenge, come up with solutions, and obtain feedback from real users and learn if the solution is the answer to your problem. A Remote Design Sprint only requires TWO DAYS from your people and will result in the value of months of work!

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