Validate new ideas

"We're all about Validation!" says the research team at BTNG. Validation is a crucial part of digital innovation and can save months of development time and costs, but it's not easy to do right every time.

Luckily BTNG knows how to help you validate your new concepts with their process. The BTNG Research team is confident that they have what it takes to make your idea validation work brilliantly - so get in touch today!



Validating Ideas? We Got You Covered.

You're looking for a validation service! Validate this. Validation Validated. Validate that, validate the other thing as well... you get the idea. Well, we got your back covered on this one! We'll make sure to not only give you a thorough validation of your new ideas but also provide you with some pretty cool services in the process (shhh).

Validate new ideas
Validate a new idea... For what?

Validation is the process of understanding if your new idea will actually work in reality. Validate an Idea means to find out if it's a good one or not. How do we rate that? Three magic words: Desirability, Feasibility and Viability!

Feasibility Validation

The feasibility of an Idea means how practical it is in reality. Is the cost too high? Do we need more time than expected? What's the timeline like? These are all questions that should be answered.

Desirability Validation

Desirability means how desirable your new idea is to others. Validate this by asking people what they think about it, using surveys and interviews for example.

Viability Validation

The viability of an Idea means how successful it will be in the future. Is your new idea likely to change a person's life? Will people talk about it on social media? Will it "sell like hotcakes"? These are questions that BTNG helps you answer!

Why should you validate new ideas?

Quite simple: Find out if an idea really works without even committing to it and before you spend any time or money on it. Validate to save. Validate to win!

Validating Ideas? We Got You Covered.

How do you validate new ideas?

Validating new ideas can be tricky. What do you validate?

To get an overview of what we're talking about: when you think, "Wouldn't it be cool if…" and want to know how feasible that is, validation is for you. Validation helps turn concepts into prototypes in the shortest time.

But these prototypes are only a tool. A tool used to gather user feedback on your idea or concept. BTNG takes a prototype (in whatever form) and helps you to gain the insights needed to decide how to proceed.

These validations can take shape in the form of user interviews, questionnaires or question tasks, remote user testing or field tests. Validation can be done in-house (with your own team) or with us.

BTNG helps its clients to validate new concepts. We do this by first setting a goal, doing research and finding opportunities. Then we ideate solutions for those opportunities, create prototypes and validate those with

Why feedback from user testing is important

Ever heard of "Kill your darlings?" People are always the biggest supporters of ideas because it always makes sense in their head.

User Feedback from User Testing Is Important: It doesn't matter how great your idea or concept may be. If you don't get validated feedback, it might not work for anyone but yourself. BTNG helps its clients to validate any idea. From (digital) products to services to campaigns. Validate your idea with BTNG!

BTNG helps you to validate ideas before investing in them

We're here to help you validate your business ideas. In this competitive market, it can be difficult for brands to stand out and attract new customers without spending a lot of time or money upfront.

That's why BTNG helps clients with validating their concepts early on through prototypes that will save them time and money before they commit too heavily to an idea.

Don't get stuck in the ideation phase - talk to our team today about how we can jump-start yours! Want validation?

Schedule a free phone consultation with us today.

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