During the Design Thinking process, the Define Phase is all about (you guessed it) defining the Design Challenge. A fancy word for problem statement. It allows you and your team to build on all the findings from the Discovery phase.

Since the definition of your design challenge really shapes the entire project, this step is one of the most important ones in the whole process. Get it wrong – and you’ll end up wasting precious time and resources, with a team that’s not aligned on the challenge, working towards a goal that’s not important. Yikes!


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Due to the nature of our work, we're not always able to publish our contribution. We're thankful to the client who has allowed us to publish our labor research, designs, and results.

We partner with ambitious brands, big and small.

We have the privilege of working with forward-thinking companies looking to improve their design principles. We act both as consultants and as an extension to in-house teams.

TheyDo — Partnering with TheyDo to help organizations to map their customer journeys through qualitative research.

Customer Journey Platform

Miro — Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard which we dare to say is the backbone to our remote service.

Online collaboration

Webflow — As a webflow partner, we are able to quickly establish no-code landingpages for our A/B testing and validation of new digital products and services.

No-Code Platform

Succesfactor — Succesfactor partnered with BTNG to redesign their online presence and collaborate on marketing efforts.

Online Marketing Agency

Programic — We have an ongoing partnership with Programic to assist them in their Design & Innovation efforts.

Development Agency

Knyfe: Organisatieadvies — A consultancy agency specialised in strategy and change management for education, culture and the creative industry.